And fun too! You will stop for break and to charge along your route just as you do. You might find that you discover new and interesting places to eat or to see while your care charges for 30-60 minutes. The location of the chargers may bring you to places you have not been before and give you time to enjoy yourself along the journey. If you travel under less than 350 km per day, you will likely charge overnight at the hotel you select often at no cost, as a courtesy for choosing their establishment. These are forward thinking business owners who want to be part of this transition in transportation. Would you choose a hotel that was giving away free gas? So why not pay less for electricity and enjoy free charging along your route.

And for the campers out there...enjoy the possibility of setting up a bed in your vehicle and running the AC or heat all night. You will have a great sleep.  You won't be disturbed even in heavy wind and rain. There is no combustion and no carbon monoxide so you are safe to run your vehicle all night for just a few kilometers of power. Plus there won't be a wet tent to pack up in the morning!