Your next vehicle should be electric

We drive electric and we here to help you want to also.

The idea of switching from a fossil fuel (we like to call it dinosaur juice, lol!) car to an electric vehicle can feel overwhelming. So we have created this quick tour of the top 10 concepts to understand about owning an electric vehicle. You will also find a link to more information on each topic if you would like to explore the site for more details.

Current Gas Price
Your Vehicle
How much do you drive a month?

How much does it cost to drive?

Charging at home every night will cost 1/6th the cost of gas for a similar sized car. That is more than an 80% savings on fuel!

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Where can I find a repair shop?

Electric Vehicles have fewer parts and require very minimal maintenance. You will be able to use your normal providers for wiper blades, glass, brakes and tires. But you won’t even need an oil change, ever!

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How long does it take to charge?

Most people’s bladders are smaller than their electric vehicle’s battery! By the time you take a typical break on a road trip(washroom, lunch, let the dog out, etc.) your vehicle will be ready for the next leg of your trip.

Are Road Trips Possible?

How would I find a charger?

There is a large network of charging stations. Each has an app that helps you find a station on your route. Some apps search across all available networks. Our favourite, PlugShare, even searches for individuals that will let you use their private charger in more remote areas.

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What about daily charging?

Home chargers are typically slower than Fast Chargers. Just plug in your car to your home charger and it will slowly charge all night and will be full when you are ready to leave the next morning!

Home Chargers

Is it reasonable to have a home charger?

A home charger pays for itself very quickly because the rate for residential electricity is the lowest available. The one-time setup by an electrician will give you the convenience of overnight charging and a full battery every day. And it is much less expensive than installing an at-home gas pump!

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What if I need a truck?

Pickup trucks, delivery trucks/vans and even semitrucks are all on their way. They are physically possible and in demand. Some of the first all electric pickup trucks are coming this year.

EV Models

How's the performance?

Electric vehicles have instant torque so you will be thrown back into your seat with the acceleration of a roller coaster. Inmost models, the battery is in the floor, making the center of gravity low, so the handling is amazing.

The EV Experience

Want to test drive?

We can give test rides most days at the Centre when a car is available. We also have monthly test drive events.

The Drive Electric NL Resource Centre was opened to answer all your questions. We don’t sell cars — we are just here to help you find your way to your first electric vehicle. Stop by, give us call, or send us an email!

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