Why should I drive electric? For the experience

Clean, quiet, and powerful. No oil changes. Simple motors that have vastly fewer parts which require very minimal maintenance and repairs.

You won’t miss the sound of the engine once you experience the instant torque and quick acceleration of an electric vehicle. No fumes, nothing dripping in your driveway, and you can run the heater for hours if you need to catch a nap. No fuel combustion – no carbon monoxide.

Most electric vehicle owners will rarely charge at a public charger or need to wait to charge.

You plug in your car every night and wake up to a “full” battery every morning. There are several options for charging at home – a simple 110V plug-in cord, an RV or dryer plug, or a dedicated charging station professionally installed by an electrician.

Close up of the interior dashboard showing an EVs battery at 68% charging

Gas vs. Electric

Use our calculator to figure out how much you'll save while going green.

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